(July 2006) Doctor Ross's Welcome To The 50th Argylshire Gathering * Jim Christie Of Wick * Banjo Breakdown * Catriona Morrison * The Taking Of Beaumont Hamel * Loch An Duin * Cajun Time * Pipe Major Donald MacLean Of Lewis * Ian Ruaidh's Lament * Donald Iain Rankine * Amazing Grace * Captain Donald Carmichael Of Lemreway * The Cracks Of Tumble Down Mountain

Ian plays the 5 row button box with pipes, drums and keyboards backing, for a selection of Scottish favourites. Gaelic airs, reels and jigs, a Cajun selection, pipe solos, and Amazing Grace complete the album.

Another dose of fine Western Isles-style accordion playing on the 5 row classique. Traditional and well-known tunes along with 4 of his own compositions. With Violet Morrison (keyboards), Alister MacPherson (drums), and Andrew MacDonald (pipes).

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