(April 2000) 8 tracks: Barbara Allen * Earl of Errol * Matty Groves * Marie Hamilton * Gaberlunzie Man * Queen Jane * Bonnie Earl of Moray * Bonnie House of Airlie.

The rich culture of traditional ballads is a magical experience. In this album the nobility from Scotland and England are the heroes or villains in these often scandalous songs which enthral with their tales of legends, romance and tragedy. Isla St Clair is one of Scotland's most popular singers and this special edition provides an excellent introduction to the musical heritage of the past. Isla's guests are Joe O'Donnell on fiddle and Danny Prendergast on guitar.

"The epitome of Scottish folk music, jaunty and moving by turns, with flashes of sexual intrigue in high places. Isla St Clair's voice is beautifully pure." (Sunday Times Magazine)

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