(1996) 26 tracks: Sae Flaxen Were Her Ringlets * It Was A' For Our Rightfu' King * The Dusty Miller * Mary Morison * Hey How Johnie Lad * Auld Lang Syne * A Parcel O Rogues In A nation * Sweetest May * The Cooper O' Cuddy * Beware O' Bonie Ann * Nine Inch Will Please A Lady * Had I The Wyte * Corn Rigs * Logan Water * A Red Red Rose * The Winter It Is Past * Johnie Blunt * The De'il's Awa Wi' Th' Exciseman * Country Lassie * Amang The Trees * Lady Mary Ann * Cahrlie He's My Darling * My Tocher's The Jewel * Wantonness * To The Weaver's Gin Ye Go * Cauld Kail In Aberdeen

Burns' songs performed by Scotland's outstanding traditional singer.

Researched and arranged by Serge Hovey.

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