(August 2001) 17 tracks: Breemie's Bonnie Dother, The Diamond Ship, The Strae Man, Jamie Foyers, Bonnie Ythanside, Lang Johnny More, The Moss o' Burreldale, Come A' Ye Fisher Lasses, The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre, The Flower o' Northumberland, Tatties and Herrin, Johnnie o' Cocklesmeer, The Scranky Black Fermer, MacPherson's Rant, The Weddin' o' McGinnis, Sir Patrick Spens, The Last Trip Home.

Includes lyrics for all songs. Jock Duncan has been described as 'A National Treasure'. Born in 1925 and raised on the farms of Aberdeenshire, Jock has been involved with the balladry of Scotland for all of his life and today is rightly regarded as the foremost of the nation's tradition bearers. Whether a big ballad or a comic cornkister, Jock's rich performance is matched by his knowledge of the history of the piece. Twelve tracks are set to musical arrangements by Explosive Fiddler James Alexander, the remainder are unnaccompanied.

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