(April 2004)

Kenneth Thomson comes from Campbeltown, but has spent many years in Glasgow, having had an extremely successful career as a Chief Executive in the National Health Service. Since retiring early, he has become more involved in Gaelic issues.

Kenneth has been involved in Gaelic music for a great many years and is probably best known as a conductor of choirs, in particular the Glasgow Gaelic Music Association - the GG - which he has steered for many years with considerable success, winning the Lovat and Tullibardine competition at National Mòds on a number of occasions.

He jokes that people are more acquainted with his backside than his handsome profile, but Kenneth is a very talented and popular solo singer, and a consummate musician. Remarkably, although at the time of making this recording it is some 25 years since he won the National Mòd Gold Medal, this is his first solo album, and he has taken the opportunity to include his own favourite songs, many of which are very popular with Gaelic song enthusiasts.

He is joined by some of Gaeldom's finest musicians, and the combination is very satisfying!

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