(November 2003) 16 tracks: The Road to the Isles * Wi' A Hundred Pipers and A' and A' * Scotland the Brave * Highland Laddie * Scotch on the Rocks * Flower of Scotland * Soft Lowland Tongue o' the Border * These Are My Mountains * The Dark Island * The March of the Cameron Men * Horo My Nut Brown Maiden * Campbeltown Loch * The Skye Boat Song * Highland Cradle Song * Blue Bonnets O'er the Border * Miss I'Denn (Wooden Heart) * My Love She's But A Lassie Yet * The Bluebells of Scotland * Mairi's Wedding * The Black Bear * Amazing Grace * The Battle's O'er * Scottish Soldier (Green Hills Of Tyroll) * The Rowan Tree * A Man's A Man * My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose * Auld Lang Syne

Military and pipe band favourites, played with verve and swing.

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