Mabs and Gordon Hall - As I Went Down To Horsham

Mabs and Gordon Hall - As I Went Down To Horsham

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(July 2008) : Come Write Me Down * Studying Economy * The Royal George * Old John Brown * A Fair Maid Walking In The Garden * My Old Wife’s A Good Old Creature * Ginny Jones * Poor Joe The Marine * Still I Love Him * Salonika * Ripest Apples * The Dumb Wife * We Won’t Go Home Until The Morning * Sweet Lavender * The Outlandish Knight * William Taylor * Polly Perkins * The Horsham Ram * Cecilia * Cruel Frederick * * Coming Home Late * The Bitter Wailing Grounds * Little Mike * Banks Of Inverness * Blandford In The Mud * A Sailor From Dover * Sweet Mother Dear * The Molecatcher.

On the Veteran label.

The Hall family home was a singing house and here we have two generations of the family.

These are two fine traditional folk singers who together sing a remarkable selection of songs from Victorian children’s singing games to ancient ballads.

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