One of the MusicScotland top sellers of the year 2001.

(March 2001) 25 tracks (65 mins): The Big Glasgow Polis * The Two Heided Man / Ra Dug Frae Ra Port / The Prime Minister / Timbuktu * I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago * The Silver Screw * St.Columba and The Masons * The Big Effen Bee * The Foreman o' Rourke * The Philosophy of Grun / Farrer and Murrer * Snowfall * Ra Murrer of Five / My Farrer / The Tay / There Are Two Teams in Glasgow / The One Legged Man * The Dogs Party * Benny Lynch * Billy Davidson's Twins * The Big Shike * The Sugary Cake and Candy Man * The Royal Infirmary * Janetta * Five Million Scotsmen Will Call * I Woke Up With The Dawning * Magic Shadow Show * Samson * The Teuchter * Wally Brodie * We Ain't Gonna Dig No More * The Depth of My Ego.

Matt McGinn - song, story and verse. The fun and humour of the legendary Matt McGinn is unmistakable. Before his untimely death in 1977 Matt had written hundreds of songs.

This double album features songs, jokes, poems and stories previously recorded on The Two Heided Man and The Two Heided Man Strikes Again.

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