(1990) 9 dances: The Button Boy (32 bar reel) * Finlay Stewart Skinner (32 bar strathspey) * The High Lodge (32 bar jig) * 8th Battalion The Royal Scots (32 bar reel) * Julian's Jig (32 bar jig) * Barbara McOwen's Ceilidh (32 bar strathspey) * Mrs Leslye Buchanan (32 bar reel) * Duns 500 Strathspey (64 bar strathspey) * Summer's End (32 bar jig).

The music for these dances can be found on the Dancing Fingers vol 2 CD. A complete set of the sheet music as recorded on the CD can be found in the The Allanton Companion Tunebook.

Music composed by Muriel Johnstone, published by Scotscores.

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