Muriel Johnstone - The Merse Companion Tunebook

Muriel Johnstone - The Merse Companion Tunebook

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(2002) 39 tunes: John Anthony Ireland (reel) * Nigel's Fine Tune (reel) * Anna Mairi Lumsden (reel) * Peter Francis Lumsden (reel) * Irene McLean of Duns (reel) * Elizabeth Jane McLaren (reel) * Matthew Robert Stonehouse (reel) * The Hole-In-One Hornpipe (reel) * Catherine Urquhart Easton (reel) * A Trip to Pitlochry (reel) * Miss Audrey Benzies' Reel (reel) * High Rig Hornpipe (reel) * The Rice-a-Roni Hornpipe (reel) * The Reel Fred De Marse (reel) * Elaine Wallace Brunken (strathspey) * The Breakish Postie (strathspey) * Sheila Gardiner's strathspey (strathspey) * The Inmans of Allanton (strathspey) * A Highland Welcome (strathspey) * The Battlements (strathspey) * MHBHM (strathspey) * Abercorn (strathspey) * Mrs Jean Austin (strathspey) * Margaret Shaw (strathspey) * Gillian's Air (strathspey) * The Rocking Horse (medley) * The Carousel (medley) * The Tailors of Allanton (medley) * Ewan Telford's Jig (medley) * Lin Wood's Jig (jig) * Len Ackerman's Jig (jig) * An Edinburgh Lady (jig) * Sheena's Buckle (jig) * King's Tower (jig) * WAR IX (jig) * The Chieftain (jig) * Taghairm (jig) * Keith of Kylin (jig) * Hamilton's Girls (jig).

Full music for all the twelve Scottish Country dances, printed in sets and as played on the Dancing Fingers vol 5 CD (SSCD14).

All tunes composed by Muriel Johnstone, printed out with both bass and treble clef staves, and chords given too. A very clear publication.

A4 paperback, 44 pages.

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