(February 2007) Dream Angus * Loch Lomond * Griogal Cridhe * Island Spinning Song * No Man’s Land * The Wee Cooper O’ Fife * Kelvingrove * Air Falalalo * My Heart is Sair * The Banks of Inverurie * John Anderson My Jo * A Highland Lad * O Gin I Were A Baron’s Heir * Westering Home * Lullaby * By Yon Castle Wa * Flow Gently, Sweet Afton * The Drummer and the Cook.

New and traditional Scots songs featuring arrangements by Stephen Doughty, Tommy Fowler and Ken Johnston. This selection of choral items and solos (performed by choir members) will alternately tug at your heart strings and set your toes tapping.

There’s Lilt in the Song
Songs and Ballads from Highland or Lowland or no!

Dream Angus - Claire Lacy
Loch Lomond - Choir - Soloists: Elizabeth Papaioannou MezzoCatriona Lang Soprano
Griogal Cridhe - Catriona Lang
Island Spinning Song - Choir
No Man’s Land - Choir - Soloists: Graham Boyce TenorRoss McInroy Bass
The Wee Cooper O’ Fife - Choir
Kelvingrove - Brian Gunnee
Air Falalalo - Choir
My Heart is Sair - Claire Parker
The Banks of Inverurie - Choir - Soloists: Elaine Taylor Soprano Peter Nicholson Bass
John Anderson My Jo - Nadine Livingston
A Highland Lad - Rachel Redmond
O Gin I Were A Baron’s Heir - Alan Digweed
Westering Home - Choir
Lullaby - Choir - Soloist: Claire Lacy MezzoSextet: Susan Anderson, Laura Kelly, Catriona Lang, Catriona Morison, Claire Parker, Kim Parker
By Yon Castle Wa - Ross McInroy
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton - Nicholas Cameron
The Drummer and the Cook - Choir

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