(2002) 23 tracks (65 mins): Eriskay Love Lilt * The Road to the Isles * Ye Banks and Braes * The Fidgety Bairn * Bi Falbh on Uinneag * O' Weel May the Boatie Row * Alasdair an Duine * Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen * Comin' Through the Rye * Land o' Heart's Desire * O Righ nan Duil * Joy to the Person of My Love * O'er the Moor * Down In the Glen * The Gallant Weaver * The Cauldrife Wooer * Three Airs from the Garioch * Eetal Ootal * Skye Boat Song * Thou Has Left Me Ever, Jamie * Amazing Grace * The Song of the Clyde * Little David, Play On Your Harp.

A celtic harp (clarsach) player and classically-trained singer in the Kennedy-Fraser style.

Norma Ritchie (vocals, clarsach) with backing from Dave Hall (accordion), Judith Smith (fiddle) and Gillian Cummings (piano).

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