(January 2002) 16 tracks: Nancy Whisky * Johnnie O Brime * The Earl O Cassillis Lady (The Gyspie Laddies) * Lord Donald * The Ale Wife * The Auld Beggar Man * Molly Baun * The Tinkers Waddin * The Lassie Gaitherin Nuts * The Beggars Daughty * The Cruel Mother * The Band O Shearers * Shes Only My Auld Sheen * The Rigs O Rye * The Laird O Drum * Waulkin Song.

Sixteen songs from one of the finest traditional ballad singers and storytellers in Scotland.

Norman Kennedy is rightly regarded as onle of the finest exponents of the trraditional arts of ballad-singing and storytelling. He was a regular visitor at the homes of such great singers as Jeannie Robertson, and welcomed with open arms as someone they could pass their songs to in the knowledge that they would be treated with the respect, understanding and skill they deserved.

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