(July 2007) 17 tracks: Barnyards O Delgaty * In Bristol There Lived A Fair Damsel * The Collier Laddie * Bonnie Susie Cleland * Atween Stanhive And Laurenkirk * Young Johnstone * The Bonnie Banks O Fordie * Amang The Neeps And The Barley * A Fair Maid In Her Garden Walking * Briggie's Gerse Park * John Barleycorn * The Union From St. John's * The Lassie And The Butcher * Traiveller's Joy * The Beggar Man * The Brundenlaws * Bonnie Glenshee.

Recordings from the fourth Fife Traditional Singing Weekend.

Songs from Gordon Easton, Anita Best, Bob Blair, Maureen Jelks, Geordie Murison, Ellen Mitchell, Ron Bissett, Margaret Spiers, Duncan Williamson, Hamish Grant, Susan McClure and Henry Douglas.

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