Paul McGrattan - The Frost Is All Over

Paul McGrattan - The Frost Is All Over

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(1992) 15 tracks (46 mins): Reels: Speed the Plough / The Abbey Reel / The Primrose Lass * Jigs: The Hare In the Corn / Grainne's Welcome * Reels: The Sailor's Return / The Chattering Magpie / The House On the Hill * Air, Hornpipe and Reels: Slan le Maigh / The Tailor's Twist / The Mayo Reels * Reels: The Stone In the Field / John Egan's Reel / Dublin Porter * Polkas: Up and Away / The Mountain Pathway / Egan's Polkas * Reels: The Skylark / Jenny Dang the Weaver * Jigs: The Frost Is All Over / Coleman's Jig / The Rambling Pitchfork * Slides: Maidhc Dianin O' Se's Slide / An Bothar o' Thuaidh go Tra Li / Johnny O'Leary's Slide / Padraig O'Keeffe's Slide * Hornpipes: Byrne's * Reels: Geehan's Reel / The Crosses of Annagh / Untitled * Jigs: Tracey's Jig / Rose In the Heather / The Blackthorn Stick * Slip Jigs: Hardiman the Fiddler / Taim in Arrears * Reels: Christmas Eve / The Old Bush / The Scholar * Reels: Sean sa Cheo / Tommy People's Reel.

Strong, inventive and lively.

Paul McGrattan (flute, whistle) with Arty McGlynn (guitar), Noel O'Grady (bouzouki), Paul O'Shaughnessy (fiddle), Noreen O'Donoghue (piano), Kevin Conneff (bodhran), Matt Molloy (flute) and Paul Doyle (bouzouki).

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