(July 2003) 11 tracks: Wacko King Hako * Fear Eile * Phat Controller / The Red Bee * Ironing Maiden * Welcome To Dun Vegas * Shifting Peat and Feet * Gibbering Smit * Morning Dew * Teuchstar * Skeabost Monsoon * A Taste Of Rum.

The Peatbog Faeries have taken their superbly seamless blend of crisply played tunes on pipes, fiddle and whistle, a world class rhythm section and a totally diverse but successful mix of other musical styles and turned the dance-o-meter up to 12 to create some of the most pumping, uplifting and exciting Scottish fusion you're likely to come across.

Based on the Scottish Isle of Skye, the band have toured recently in England (Cambridge Folk Festival), Denmark, Spain, Holland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Namibia, Botswana, Singapore and the USA. They played the main stage at midnight at Glasgow's massive Millennium celebrations, and were televised at the Celtic Connections festival. They were commissioned by Scottish Ballet for an original piece performed for the first time in the Citizen's Theatre in Glasgow.

Peter Morrison (pipes, whistles), Roddy Neilson (fiddle), Tom Salter (guitar), Leighton Jones (keyboards), Innes Hutton (bass, percussion) and Iain Copeland (drums).

"I wanted to check out REM but sorry guys, it's your misfortune to be on at the same time as The Peatbog Faeries, the highlight of Glastonbury. Mere earth words can't do the Faeries justice..." (NME Glastonbury Festival)

"An increasingly adventurous melting pot of fragmented fiddle and pipe tunes... Deep dub bass lines and all round spacey electronica comprehensively rocked the house." (The Scotsman)

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