This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

(June 2009) 21 tracks: Farewell Tae The Haven (Davy Steele and Ceolbeg) * The Fisherman's Wife (Heather Heywood) * Keepers (The McCalmans) * Song For Cove (The Cast) * The Final Trawl (Archie Fisher) * Badal na Scandain (The Herring Boat) (Gerry O'Connor) * Aberlady Bay (The Harbour Lights Choir) * Fisherrow (Shona McMillan) * Isle of May (Cilla Fisher) * Shoals of Herring (The Corries) * Bonnie Ship The Diamond (Black Eyed Biddy) * Lifeboat Song (Isla St Clair) * Wha'll Dreg a Buckie (Davy Steele and Drinkers' Drouth) * The Fisherman's Wife (Janet Russell and Christine Kydd) * The Shaalds of Foula set (John Carnie) * Come All Ye Fisher Lassies (Shona McMillan) * The Boattie Rows (The Harbour Lights Choir) * Eyemouth Disaster (Cilla Fisher) * The Cruel and Hungry Sea (Davie Robertson) * An Ataireachd Ard (The Eternal Surge of the Sea) (Catherine-Ann MacPhee) * Will Your Anchor Hold (The Fisher Folk Choir).

Songs and music reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Scotland's fishing, with recordings from some of Scottish music's finest artists.

Shona McMillan, of the Thorburn fishing family from Fisherrow, set up the People And Songs Of The Sea exhibition to celebrate this heritage from a Firth of Forth perspective. The exhibitions run from May to December during the Year Of Homecoming 2009 in libraries and other venues from Edinburgh to Eyemouth and beyond, and this album was produced in association.

The album was compiled from the rich Greentrax back-catalogue, plus items licensed from Broken Fiddle Records, Corries Music Ltd, Drinkers' Drouth, Kettle Music, Red House Records and Harbour Lights (choir).

Three tracks were specially recorded, including two songs by Shona McMillan, an instrumental track from Gerry and Donal O'Connor (reflecting the Irish fishing connection), and the Fisher Folk Choir, which consisted of a large number of singers brought together by Shona McMillan. They assembled in the Church of Scotland's Cockenzie and Port Seton Old Parish Church to sing Will Your Anchor Hold, under the direction of William Watt of Harbour Lights, and were recorded by Ian McCalman.

Singers include Cilla Fisher, Isla St Clair, Cathy-Ann MacPhee, Shona McMillan, the late Davy Steele, Archie Fisher, The Cast, The McCalmans, The Harbour Lights Choir (Cockenzie), Blackeyed Biddy and The Fisher Folk Choir.

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