(2001) 15 tracks: Kill or Cure * A Love Like Yours * Devil's Haircut * Round and Bound * Billy * Wedding Song * Lights * Spanish Harlem * Walking the Dog * Turn a Deaf Ear * All Gone Wrong * Clear Day * Fallen Ones * Bring it on Home * Long Dark Night.

A solo acoustic album from Rab Noakes featuring Scotland's seminal mouth harpist Fraser Speirs. Keeping with Rab's tradition, it features several terrific new songs and some very well presented classics.

Rab Noakes (lead vocals, backing vocals, percussion, guitars), Fraser Speirs (harmonicas, percussion, backing vocals), Monica Queen and James Grant (backing vocals), Colin McFarlane (guitar, bass).

"Countryish and bluesy, I hope it gets the airplay it deserves." (Jack McLean, The Herald)

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