(January 2006) Bluebell Bossa * The Skye’s the Limit * Valse Musette * Ballad of Kate * Harry Lauder Medley * The Scottish Shuffle * Make Me A Memory * Continental Capers * Three on Four * Breaking New Ground * Going Home

Robert is well established as one of our finest young accordion players, as winner of the Scottish Accordion Championship several times. Here he shows both his mastery of the instrument, and his arranging skills, to great effect.

Bluebell Bossa: Bluebell Polka. The Skye’s the Limit: Skyline of Skye/Skye Boat Song. Valse Musette: Boite A Frissons. Ballad of Kate: Kathleen. Harry Lauder Medley: I Love a Lassie/Roanin’ in the Gloamin/Just A Wee Deoch an Doris. The Scottish Shuffle: Mrs MacLeod/The Fairy Dance/Jig of Slurs. Make Me A Memory: Glencoe. Continental Capers: Magic Fingers. Three on Four: Dark Island. Breaking New Ground: Max Ketchin’s Reel/Just a Jig/Abreast of the Times. Going Home (Theme music from Local Hero).

Glenn Messner - keyboards
Brian Shiels - bass
Kirk Richardson - drums & percussion
Duncan Findlay - guitar
Billy Thom - drums

"This is the most enjoyable accordion record I have heard for a very long time." (Jack Emblow)

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