(August 2001) 12 tracks: NUSA: Margaret's Reel / Ceridwen and Martin's Nusa Lembongian Wedding * Hugan Fhathast * Hunt / Jig Fax Machine * Peter and Fiona * S' Fhada Bhuainn Anna * Hamish: Fred Morrison' s / Ruilleadh na Coilich Dhubh / Aandowin At Da Bow / Hamish * Radical Road / Le Grand Encrier / Chloe's Passion * Something to Say * Duanag Bhleoghainn * Chalet Fever * The Pit / The Paper Year / Cheese and Bread and Ham * The Beard Mhor.

"Contemporary folk. Forget the raging Celtic rock sporran slashers, this is cool, cutting edge Gaelic musicianship. Supreme piping talents including something akin to blues-tinged pibroch. Hyper-cool, ultra-smooth Gaelic vocals and backing over a spread of sets that sound as though they might all have been traditional at some point in the past!"

Rory Campbell (border pipes, whistles, gaita, vocals) and Malcolm Stitt (guitar, bouzouki, harmony vocal) with Bryan Jones (decks), Neil Harland (bass), Alistair Justice (trombone) and Donald Shaw (keyboards).

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