Runrig - Flower Of The West (The Runrig Songbook)

Runrig - Flower Of The West (The Runrig Songbook)

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This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

(June 2002) 115 songs:

Abhain An T-Sluaigh * A Dh'Innse Na Firinn * Air A'Chuan * Air An Traigh *Alba * All Things Must Change * Always The Winner * Amazing Things * An Cuibhle Mor * An Ros * An T-Iasgar * An Toll Dubh * An Ubhal As Airde; Ard * Big Sky * Canada; * Cearcal A’ Chuain * Chi Mi’n Geamhradh * Cho Buidhe Sa Bha I Riabh * City Of Lights * Clachan Uaine * Cnoc Na Feille * Cum 'Ur N’aire * Da Mhile Bliadhna * Dance Called America * Day In A Boat * Dreamfields * Duisg Mo Run * Dust * Edge Of The World * Eirinn * Every River * Fichead Bliadhna * Flower Of The West * Foghar Nan Eilean '78 * Forever Eyes Of Blue * For The Love Of Alison * Fuaim A' Bhlair * Going Home * Harvest Moon * Headlights * Healer In Your Heart * Hearthammer * Hearts Of Olden Glory * I'll Keep Coming Home * In Search Of Angels * Life Is * Lifeline * Lighthouse * Mairi * Maymorning * Meadhan Oidhche Air An Acarseid * Morning Tide * Move A Mountain * Nach Neonach Neisd A Tha E * Na H-Uain A's T-Earrach * News From Heaven * Nothing But The Sun * O Cho Meallt * Only The Brave * Oran * Our Earth Was Once Green * Pog Aon Oidhche Earraich * Precious Years * Pride Of The Summer * Protect And Survive * Ravenscraig * Recovery * Ribhinn Donn * Ribhinn O * Road And The River * Rocket To The Moon * Rubh Nan Cudaigean * Saints Of The Soil * Satellite Flood * Sguapan Arbhair * Siol Ghoraidh * Skye * Smalltown * Song Of The Earth * Sraidean Na Roinn Eorpa * Stepping Down The Glory Road * Stu Mo Leannan / Nightfall On Marsco * Sunndach * Tear Down These Walls * Thairis Air A' Ghleann * That Final Mile * That Other Landscape * The Apple Came Down * The Cutter * The Dancing Floor * The Everlasting Gun * The Fisherman * The Ferry * The Greatest Flame * The Message * The Mighty Atlantic * The Old Boys * The Only Rose * The Summer Walkers * The Wedding * The Wire * The Work Song * Things That Are * This Beautiful Pain * This Darkest Winter * This Is Not A Love Song * This Time Of Year * Tillidh Mi * Tir A' Mhurain * Tir An Airm * Travellers * Wonderful * Worker For The Wind * World Appeal.

Music and lyrics for all of the published Runrig songs from 1975 to 2000, with notes to accompany each song, providing anecdote, information, and historical fact.

The book contains photography ranging from personal collections and archive to the work of some of the most significant photographers to have worked in the Highlands over the past decades.

This book is an insight into not only the genesis of the songs themselves, but also touches on the changing lifestyle and culture of the Scottish islands throughout the latter half of the twentieth century, a changing culture within which Runrig themselves have played a part.

Scottish music, hardback, 296 pages.
Music - Right hand melody only in staff notation with guitar chords and lyrics.

"Rory and Calum Macdonald have been writing songs for over 30 years and during that time have seen Runrig develop and mature from a dance band playing local halls on Skye to a band of international renown. Runrig's success has been built on a combination of the quality of the songs along with the highest standards of musicianship and live performance. What more could Runrig fans ask? This songbook is the answer. It provides tabulature, lyrics but perhaps more importantly written and visual insight into the history of the songs - what was the inspiration, what was the story behind the songs. Listening to the songs while looking at the songbook brings the music alive - whether it is a love song, a political protest song, a song about the environment or the physical beauty of Scotland, in English or Gaelic." (Amazon)

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