(August 2003) 13 tracks (56 mins): The Old Boys * Proterra * Day Of Days * Empty Glens * Gabriel's Sword * From The North * An Toll Dubh * There's A Need * Faileas Air An Airigh * Heading To Acadia * All The Miles * A Reiteach * Angels From The Ashes.

The 2003 release from the Scottish Gaelic rock group Runrig. Still as powerful, still as stirring, yet with a strong sense of maturity now - strong, sweeping and compelling, Runrig hold their place at the top.

Brian Hurren (keyboards, vocals, guitar, drums), Rory MacDonald (guitar, vocals), Bruce Guthro (vocals, guitar), Calum MacDonald (vocals, percussion), Iain Bayne (drums) and Malcolm Jones (guitar, accordion, pipes). With Paul Mounsey, known for his contemporary arrangements of traditional sources on the Nahoo albums, and Duncan Chisholm (fiddle).

"The MacDonald brothers have once more reached deep into the Gaelic psyche and delivered in serious measure... This band know and love where they come from. They make music that shouts and screams Alba! They are unique and glorious." (Folk Roots - The Stamping Ground)

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