(December 2005) 19 tracks: Salm 23: Bethesda * Trust in the Lord * Salm 103: Dundee * Salm 51: Bangor * It's Gonna Rain * Salm 143: St Kilda * Salm 30: Tiverton * Sing Halleluiah * Salm 21: Kilmarnock * Salm 9: Montrose * I Love to Praise His Name * Salm 31: Torwood * Amazing Grace * Salm 133: Stornoway * Satisfied with Jesus * Oran do Mhartainn (Song for Martyn) * Bethesda / Bangor (Instrumental) * Loch Rannoch / The Gale Warning / The Kitchen Piper.

A unique musical event recorded live at Glasgow Cathedral during the Celtic Connections festival in January 2005.

Contrasting performances, but one simple aim - to praise God in music.

Through the festival, twelve Gaelic psalm singers met with the fifteen-strong Mount Zion CPCA Church gospel choir from Alabama.

Featuring the superb singing and phenomenal piano of Soul player Irvin Anderson, and one track of Martyn Bennett on Scottish smallpipes.

Bethesda Hospice in Stornoway was the recipient of CD profits.

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