(June 2005) 12 tracks: Ally Mackenzie and Colin Melville (Fits o' Giggles) * James Graham (Siubhal) * Finlay MacDonald Band (Pressed For Time) * Eilidh Shaw, Ross Martin and Leo McCann (Flowers of Edinburgh) * Fine Friday (Mowing The Machair) * The Unit (Playing Giants) * Anna Massie (Glad Company) * Emily Smith (A Different Life) * Filska (A Thousand Miles Away) * Borders Young Fiddles * Gillian Frame and Back Of The Moon * The Unusual Suspects.

The music on Scotland For Me features the talented, bright young stars of the Scottish traditional music scene and represents a rich musical heritage and thriving culture.

Instruments featured are bagpipes, fiddles, flute, whistle, guitar, accordion, Scottish and Gaelic song and more. All of the tracks are available on other Foot Stompin' Records titles.

The artists featured are Ally Mackenzie and Colin Melville, Finlay MacDonald Band, Emily Smith, Eilidh Shaw (with Ross Martin and Leo McCann), Back Of The Moon, The Unusual Suspects, Fine Friday, Borders Young Fiddles, The Unit, James Graham and Filska.

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