(1998) 18 tracks: THE TOUR: O Canada * Canadian 4 Step, Old Jed Hay, Alistair McCulloch, Tam’s Hunting Horne * Jenny’s Bawbee, Denise’s Tune, Paddy o’ Brian, Early in the Morning * Black Dance, Glenbuchat Lodge, Miss Forbes’ Farewell to Banff, Cairney Mount * The Road to the Isles * Royal Scots Polka, Nellie Inkster’s Peedie Polka * Planxty - Miss Power * Scott Skinner’s Compliments to Dr McDonald, Laird o’ Drumblair, Davie Work * Mull Fair * Round the Bend, Calliope House, Jim Anderson’s Delight, Miss Bennet’s Jig * Gentle Annie * Sandy’s Reel, Angus McLeod, Pat Donald, Stockhomslaten. BATTLE TUNES OF THE PIPES: When Battle is Over, Heroes of Vittoria (1813), Battle of the Somme (World War I), Crags of Tumbledown Mountain (Falklands Islands Campaign) * The Glee Club, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, Lovely Stornoway, Wild Rover, Flower of Scotland. THE FINALE: Roxburgh Castle, Kiss Me Quick, The Ton, Aitken Drum, Caddam Wood * Auld Lang Syne * Caddam Wood, We’re No Awa’, Scotland the Brave * Will Ye No’ Come Back Again.

A celebration of The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra’s summer tour of Canada.

From British Columbia in the West to Toronto in the East, the Orchestra received a tumultuous welcome wherever it played.

The exuberance and popularity of John Mason MBE and The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra makes this a recording not to be missed.

The SFO brought a unique feeling of Scotland to the wonderful people of Canada - so in the words of the old Scottish saying - 'Haste Ye Back'.

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