Strathspey & Reel Society Of The Year - Scots Trad Music Awards 2008

(May 2007) 14 tracks: The Drummers * The Horticulturalist * Takashi's Dawn * Dancie Shuttleworth * Echoes In The Glen * Miss Bennet's Jig * Mrs Hepburn Belches * Death Of A Queen * Lord Elgin's Welcome * Fr * Eamonn Gilmartin * Jake's Jig Set * Dancing In The Street * Highland Cathedral * Farewell To Scotland.

Recorded at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh, this album features the SFO in traditional and more contemporary styles.

From high-drive, high-energy tracks like The Drummers to the monumental Highland Cathedral and the emotive Death Of A Queen.

Conductors John Mason MBE and Andrew McGarva, leader William Cook, Blair Parham (concert drum), Jane Strathearn (timpani), Tammy Edgar (tambourine) and Keith Easdale (bodhran, Highland pipes).

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