(1994) 20 tracks: PRINCE OF THE MISTS OVERTURE: (setting the scene in Eriskay) Eriskay Love Lilt, The Yellow Haired Laddie, Wae’s me for Prince Charlie * (over the water and call to arms) Rise and Follow Charlie * (Glenfinnan raising of the Standard) March of the Cameron Men, Pibroch of Donald Dhu * (the march South) A Highland Lad My Love was Born * (welcome to Edinburgh) Charlie is My Darlin’ * (proclamation of James as King) The Bells of the Churches * (the Holyrood Ball) This is No’ My Ain Hoose * (battle of Prestonpans) Hey Johnnie Cope * (march South into England to Derby and the retreat North) Wi’ a Hundred Pipers * (the fall of the Carlisle garrison) Loch Lomond * (arrival of the Argyll militia and the revival of highlands spirits to the battle of Falkirk) The Campbells are Coming, Highland Laddie * (government troops and the Highland Army march North) The Grenadier’s March, Highland Laddie * (battle of Culloden) Culloden Day * (Aftermath, the decimation of the Highland Army the retreat to Uist, thence to Skye and back to France) Flowers o’ the Forest, Welcome to Uist, over the Sea to Skye * (romantic image and concept of a return to claim the crown) Will You No’ Come Back Again?, Coronation March * (finale) Am Muileann-Uisge, The Old Water-Mill * The Spirit of Strathisla suite * Whistling Rufus * The Butterfly Polka, The Primrose Polka * The Northlands, The Fire-Hose Reel.


The concept of this overture is to tell in musical terms, the short history of the Rebellion of 1745 culminating in the last battle to be fought on British soil, Culloden in 1746. The music had been chosen either for its direct association with the incidents or for the place names relevant to the itinerary of the Prince and his Highland Army. So far as possible music prevalent at the time has been used.

We hope that this recording meets with your approval and may be a fitting tribute in traditional Scottish musical terms to one of the greatest enigmas of all Scottish history - Prince Charles Edward Stuart, Bonnie Prince Charlie - The Prince of the Mists.

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