(1996) 12 tracks: On the Wings of A Scorie * Milligarth Mad n' Willie * The Neil MacDonald Polka * Pottinger's Pineapple Polka * Trip to Ballyshannon * Miss Lyall * Pretty Peggy * The Easy Club * Eugene Stratton * Princess Beatrice * Madame Neruda * Leaving Lerwick Harbour

A celebration of the best young fiddlers and fiddle bands on Shetland today, a mix of the sparse beauty of unaccompanied fiddle and thick fiddle harmonies. The duos and bands play with drive and imagination and the standard of fiddle playing is exceptional, partly due to the dedicated teaching of the legendary late Willie Hunter and Dr Tom Anderson whose influences are evident and whose pupils are a credit to their memory.

With Fiddlers' Bid, Shobils, Maurice Henderson, Filska, John Robert Deyell, Jeanna Johnston, Rack and Ruin and Chris Stout.

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