(January 2005) 10 tracks: She’s in the Attic * Glenuig Hall * The Arms Dealer’s Daughter * Nordal Rumba * Carboni’s Farewell * Delighted * Schumann’s Leap * Heading West * A Fistful of Euro * Scraping the Barrel.

Live album from the top genre-defying group, mixing elements of Scottish traditional acoustic, dance/trance and world music.

Ten tracks variously recorded live at Teatro de Cuidad in Mexico City (as part of the Festivale Internationale), Cumbre Tajin (adjacent to the ancient Totanec city during the Spring Festival), Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow (during Celtic Connections), The Second Story Nightclub (Bloomington, Indiana), and Glenuig Hall.

Angus Grant (fiddle), Garry Finlayson (banjo, banjax), Luke Plumb (mandolin), Quee MacArthur (bass), James Mackintosh (drums, percussion) and Malcolm Crosbie (guitar).

"...seething and glittering with extra guitar aggression, deftly applied samples and a wealth of wild, dazzling improvisation - the latter usually centred on the superb front-line partnership between Angus Grant’s fiddle and Luke Plumb’s mandolin. The key aspect of Shooglenifty performances that does shine through is the band’s seemingly inexhaustible ability to ring fresh changes and thereby reinvent even their most familiar and favourite tunes..." (Sunday Herald)

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