(2001) 13 tracks (67 mins): The Blue Cloud * 6/8 Marches: Frank Thompson / The Trees of North Uist / Monte Catarelto * Hold On: The Ness Pipers (Jig) / The Ness Pipers (Reel) / Traditional Reel / Hold On / The Muckle Dram * Piobaireachd: Andrew MacNeill Of Colonsay * SFU Retrospective: The Cuckoo / The Caledonian Society of London (Strathspey and Reel) / Miss Girdle / The Swallow's Tail / Classical Bob / The Kesh Jig / The Clumsy Lover * Air and Jigs: The Dreams of Old Pa Fogerty / Rory MacLeod / James MacLellan's Favourite / The Old Woman's Dance * Traditional: The 8th Argyll's Farewell to Basincourt / Susan MacLeod / Fiona MacLeod / The Man from Glengarry / The Rejected Suitor / Thomson's Dirk * Drum Fanfare: Salute to Gordon Jolley * Tag Team Piping (Alan Bevan, Stuart Liddell, Jack Lee): Jim Bell's Fiasco / Madame Bonaparte / The Lucky Nugget / The Banjo Breakdown (Jig) / The Banjo Breakdown (Hornpipe) * For Tom - March, Strathspey and Reel: Pipe Major Thomas MacAllister / The Ewe with the Crooked Horn / John Morrison of Assynt House * Waltzing Matilda: Waltzing Matilda / Drops of Brandy / The Jig of Slurs / The Curlew * Waltzes: The Keel Row Suite / Traditional Waltz / The Big Picture / The Mason's Apron Waltz * Big Jigs: Bu Deonach Leam Tilleacdh (I Long to Return) / Caileach an Dudain (The Old Wife of the Mill Dust) / The Stool of Repentance / The Hen's March / Donald, Willie and His Dog / The Blue Cloud.

Recorded in concert, Sydney Opera House, April 11, 2001.

Pipe Major Terry Lee and Lead Drummer J Reid Maxwell - 16 pipers and 11 drummers. Soloists Alan Bevan, Stuart Liddell and Jack Lee with David MacVittie (bass, mandolin, keyboards) and Anna Schaad (fiddle).

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