(1995) 20 tracks: Summer Road * I’ve Never Kissed a Bonnie Lass Before * Scottish Selection, Bonnie Strathyre, Rothesay Bay, My Mother * The Triple Hornpipes, The Galway, The Cliff, The Sunshine * You’re My Best Friend * Bonnie Lass o’ Dundee * Waltz Selection, Morag o’ Dunvegan, Bonnie Gallowa, Brig o’ Balgoney * Clarinet Polka * Highlanders Return * Bonnie Naver Bay * Son of the Scottish Soldier * Annie’s Song * Highland Gentleman * San Antonio Rose * Waltz Medley, Mist Covered Mountains, Over the Sea to Skye, My Home * She’s Mine * Farewell 51st * Almost Persuaded * Alpine Slopes * The Gallowa Hills.


The Tartan Lads - bring you some of their most requested tunes and best loved songs. From traditional Scottish melodies to their own unique brand of Country music, Bill and ray invite you to join them in their celebration of the music of Scotland.

(This title is also available on VHS video.)

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