(June 2003) 13 tracks: The Battle of Waterloo (Tannas) * Marni Swanson of the Grey Coast (Jonny Hardie and Gavin Marwick) * Amy's Waltz (JCB with Jerry Holland) * Seaforth (Angus Lyon and Ruaridh Campbell) * Little Cascade (Anna Murray) * Cluny Castle (Ross Kennedy and Archie McAllister) * Thoughts of Home (Ceol na gCapall) * Calum's Road / The Hut on Staffin Island (Coila) * Flower of the Quern / Waters of the Spey (The IGUS Orchestra) * Lady Marian (Cythara) * P / M Donald MacLean of Lewis / Ben Guillion / MacLeod of Mull (Anna Murray * Eddie Kellys / Mickey Docherty's Highland / Look behind you (Tannas) * Glen Tilt (The Iron Horse).

Compilation featuring artists from the KRL label.

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