(December 2003) 14 tracks (58 mins): Donald Where's Yer Troosers? (Enter the Haggis) * Gulravage (The Porridge Men) * Wife O' Ushers Well (John McNairn) * Green Grow the Rashes O' (vocals Loretta Reid) * Squinting Peter (Jimi McRae) * The Haggis Song (vocals Martin Treacher) * Jones (The Porridge Men) * Bagpipes on Mars (Enter the Haggis) * The Train (Enter the Haggis) * Auld Lang Syne (vocals Martin Treacher) * Dr Strange (The Porridge Men) * Highland Trance (Jimi McRae) * The Three Little Jigs (Enter the Haggis) * Coronach (The Porridge Men).

A compilation of various artists on the REL label - an ideal album for parties and fun occasions. If you want to party, it'll liven things up * if you want to dance, it'll get you moving * and if you just want to enjoy the music, you can put your feet up.

It's an all modern, high energy sound - very different to what you normally think of when someone mentions Scottish music and the pipes. So go for it and Party with the Pipes!

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