(May 2000) 23 tracks: Peter Mallan: Mary of Argyll * Valerie Dunbar: Old Scotch Mother Mine * The Clydesiders: Corn Rigs * Anne Lorne Gillies: Dumbarton's Drums * The Tartan Lads: Kissing in the Dark / Bonnie Wee Jean McCall / The Gallant Forty Twa * Elaine Andrews: Amazing Grace / Contentment / Lord is my Shepherd * Valerie Dunbar: Bonnie Gallawa' * The Tartan Lads: Burnie Boozie / The Rustic Brig / Barnyards O'Delgaty * Peter Mallan: Ye Banks and Braes * Anne Lorne Gillies: The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie * John Douglas: Road and the Miles to Dundee * The Clydesiders: Sailing Home * Peter Mallan: Bonnie Lass O'Ballochmyle * Anne Lorne Gillies: Jock o' Hazeldean * The Clydesiders: Wild Mountain Thyme * John Douglas: Will You Walk * The Tartan Lads: Thistle of Scotland * Valerie Dunbar: Will Ye No Come Back Again * Anne Lorne Gillies: Glencoe * Peter MalIan: Sweet Afton * The Tartan Lads: Green Oak Tree * Valerie Dunbar: Soft Lowland Tongue of the Border * The Clydesiders: The Land I Have Left.

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