(May 2007) Brumley Brae * Bow Brig * Sheriffmill * Pansport Reel * Pitgaveny * The Coleburn * Harry Glasgow Hornpipe * Harry Glasgow Slow Air * Effie Glasgow Of Longmorn Strathspey * Effie Glasgow Of Longmorn Hornpipe * Mr A F Macpherson's Reel * Mrs Fraser Macpherson's Strathspey * James Macpherson Reel * James Macpherson Strathspey * Elgin Strathspey and Reel Players March * Strathspey * Reel * Elgin Junior Strathspey and Reel Players March * Fogwatt Burns Supper * Johnston's Mill * William Macpherson * Willie Macpherson's Polka.

One of the outstanding musicians of his generation in both traditional fiddle and classical violin music.

The beautifully illustrated book looks at the North East tradition, and Willie's life and music.

With 20 of Willie's tunes, and two in tribute to him.


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